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oh. yeah. *that* was smart. // work - Lograh — LiveJournal

Friday, 24.Jun.2005

14:11 - oh. yeah. *that* was smart. // work

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I'm brain-dead today. I'm sitting here, poking around a server and I notice it pulled a non-reserved IP address. While not technically *bad*, it's still better to have all your servers ips reserved and whatnot. so I go to the dhcp server, create a record for it and get that all squared away, then I connect back to the server in question. I want it to drop the ip it has and grab the one I just assigned it, so I go ahead and ssh to it and type in 'ifconfig down eth0'.

yeah. whoops!

gotta friggin walk over to it now and reset the whole damn machine..

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Date:23:34 24.Jun.2005 (UTC)
At least the server was located down the hall, and not down the coast.
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