Lograh (lograh) wrote,

• Hair: Short, brown.
• Height: call it 5'9"
• Eyes: Hazel
• Weight: beats me. 190?

• Clothing: cargo shorts/pants and polo shirts for work. Downgrade to basic T-shirts for myself. Usually a hat as well, but the summer heat challenges this.
• Music: 80s, Classical, "techno", some Rap and some Rock.
• Makeup: none.
• Body art: My body *IS* a work of art, thank you for noticing. :)
• Wearing: like I said, cargo shorts and a polo shirt. and my hat.
• Thinking of: how unproductive I've been today
• Feeling: foggy-head. Sore body. General non-happiness.

Last thing you...
• Bought: Lunch a few minutes ago (yes, I take it late on Tuesday)
• Did: Typed the previous answer
• Read: A short story in a collection I have (the SciFi volume of the DAW 30th)
• Watched on tv: Farscape DVD 11, the first episode on it.

Either / Or
• Club or house party: either, or both, depending on mood.
• Tea or coffee: Tea. Sometimes coffee also, though.
• High achiever or easy-going: Easy-going (least, I think so)
• Cats or dogs: Cats
• Single or taken: Taken-ish. Not married yet, but dating.
• Pen or pencil: Pencil
• Gloves or mittens: whichever one has the fingers. I think it's gloves.
• Food or candy: Candy is food, isn't it? Food.
• Cassette or cd: Vynal! failing that, CD.
• Snuff or cigarettes: ick, neither!
• Coke or Pepsi: They both suck huge long donkey schlong. Neither.
• Matches or a lighter: whichever is closer.
• Sunset beach or the bold and the beautiful: eh? those are TV shows, aren't they? neither.
• Rickie lake or oprah winfrey: Neither.

Who do you want to...
• Kill: no-one.
• Hear from: myself
• Look like: me, but with less fat.
• Be like: myself

• Food: Yummy
• Alcoholic drink: strong, yet yummy.
• Color: DEEP blue/purple.
• Album: varies upon mood.
• Shoes: Sandals.
• Site: varies upon mood.
• Song: Ode to Joy is nice. As is Cliche. Default Percussion Study is another great.
• Vegetable: Varies upon mood.
• Fruit: Varies upon mood.

• Last movie you saw: Mists of Avalon.
• Last movie you saw on the big screen: Star Wars 2, I think.
• Last phone number you called: Katie
• Last thing you had to drink: Iced Tea.
• Last thing you ate: Carrots.
• Last time you showered: This morning
• Last time you cried: too long to remember.
• Last time you smiled: minutes ago.
• Last time you laughed: During lunch.
• Last person you hugged: Katie
• Last person you kissed: Katie
• Last thing you said: singing along to Cliche
• Last person you talked to online: email count? macklinr, in that case.
• Last thing you smelled: the scent of air forced through a computer

Do you...
• Smoke: No
• Do drugs: No
• Sleep with stuffed animals: Yes
• Have a crush: depending on severity, yes to countless.
• Have a boyfriend/girlfriend: Yes
• Have a dream that keeps coming back: dream? what's that? I almost never remember my dreams.
• Play an instrument: I barely know the piano.
• Believe there is life on other planets: Most certainly
• Read the newspaper: online articles are the closest I get.
• Have any gay or lesbian fiends? yes.
• Believe in miracles: The definition of "Miracle" is inherently flawed, and as such cannot exist.
• Believe it's possible to remain faithful forever: depends on to what. If you mean to a person, no. I belive there are, however, things that one can remain faithful to.
• Consider yourself tolerant of others: not by a long shot.
• Consider police a friend or foe: depends on the individual.
• Like the taste of alcohol: sometimes.
• Have a favorite Stooge: No

Do you...
• Believe in astrology: birthsign as a personality indication device, yes. Daily horoscopes, however, are crap.
• Believe in magic: Yes.
• Pray: Not by the common understanding of the term.
• Go to church: no.
• Have any secrets: More than you think.
• Have any pets: Yes.
• Go to or plan to go to college: Yes
• Talk to strangers who instant message you: I don't do IMs.
• Wear hats: Yes
• Hate yourself: as a general rule of thumb, yes.
• Wish on stars: there's a silly notion.
• Like your handwriting: Yes, actually.
• Believe in witches: depends on the definition.
• Believe in Satan: Sure, why not?

What would you...
• Do in an uncomfortable situation?: depends on the situation
• Name your children?: Dunno. Depends on the kid/mate.
• Consider your happiest moment in life?: The point at which I am happier than any other point. Not having lived my entire life (even if I die in 2 seconds, I'm not dead yet!) I cannot be certain how happy I will be at future points.

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