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the itchy and scratchy show! // life

grrr.. hate it when the sunburn starts to get to the peely stage. My nose got burnt nice and red over the weekend (familly picnic celebrating a cousin of mine's High School graduation) and now it's starting to peel a bit, so it's all scratchy and I'm trying to get at it but it's not quite ready to peel off yet and it's just GAH!

In other news, I'm being a slacker and didn't take my bike to work today. Granted, I didn't take it in the past two days, either, but I had plans for after work then that precluded riding it home. Today I'm just being a lazy bastard. :)

In yet, other news, there's a Jamba that just opened up along my way in to work in the mornings. Yummy jamba goodness can now be mine every morning. This doesn't bode well for the pocketbook. Fortunately for me, I've spent this month's funds allready so I don't really have the option of getting jamba daily (and thus blowing all my money there) -- next month I may not be so lucky. I can be so weak sometimes.
Tags: catchup, excersize, life

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