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don't understand a word she's saying // musical - Lograh — LiveJournal

Wednesday, 08.Jun.2005

15:58 - don't understand a word she's saying // musical

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but then, I don't speak french. This doesn't stop me from loving the sounds of Camille on her album Le Fil. Most certainly recommended. Like a female Bobby McFerrin, she focus on using the human voice to create the bulk of the audio used in her songs, but she does use other instruments to help fill out the song when needed. Overall, a very beautiful composition.


Date:17:51 14.Jun.2005 (UTC)

French Music

I'm no connoisser, I'm not even sure I can spell it, but I like "Emilie Simon." She does a song called "No Flowers" with
this gothy, adorable music video.
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Date:17:56 14.Jun.2005 (UTC)

Re: French Music

will check this out, thanks.
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