Lograh (lograh) wrote,

I think I know what it feels like now // consumerism

I'm beginning to understand what it feels like for all the people purchasing computers who have no clue. I'm bike shopping, and am trying to compare various bikes that have roughly the same price, but entirely different components, and none of the names or numbers mean a damn thing to me. GAH!

For the curious, I'm currently comparing a Trek Fuel 70 (or perhaps a Trek Fuel 80)and a KHS XC604. They seem to be using the same level of componentry from two competing major brands, but I can't figure if there is any real difference between the brands. Reading all the online forums and review sites it's starting to sound like a Toyota vs. Honda or Windows vs. Mac kind of debate.

If anyone here (or their friends) has an opinion on either these or other bikes (or the brands involved), I would love to hear it.

edit:mental typo fixed
Tags: consumerism
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