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don't get that one often.. // life - Lograh — LiveJournal

Saturday, 07.May.2005

18:38 - don't get that one often.. // life

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So, today I went out for my usual saturday linner (lunch/dinner, like brunch but significantly later) and the guy who sat next to me at the bar, after talking with me some about the show on TV (some car race), asked me where I was from. He was all, "an accent like that, you sound like you're a foriegner". He didn't believe me when I said I've lived here since I was 4.

I wonder sometimes just how I talk so odd that people who are themselves natives of this town don't believe that I'm local. This isn't the first time I got this, truth be told it happens at least once a year. It is rather odd, though.


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Date:2:58 08.May.2005 (UTC)
You enunciate. You, consciously or not, tend to make your pronunciation a little precise. This is unusual in people our age group, and folks will add that to your mode of speech (big words, etc.) and the air of sophistication you carry with you (sort of) and come up with the idea that you're not from 'round these here parts.

No worries.
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Date:19:43 08.May.2005 (UTC)


atleast once a week, a single person or a group of people will come and talk to me in Russian. And then when I explain to them that i don't speak Russian they always say, "But you look Russian."

I want to learn enough Russian so I can say that I am not russian and that I am sorry. Would you like a pirogi? ;-)

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