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speaking of chessworthy booze // lush-tastic! - Lograh — LiveJournal

Sunday, 06.Mar.2005

0:22 - speaking of chessworthy booze // lush-tastic!

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wow.. There's something to be said for the levels of quality that can be reached when an entire state decides they are going to specialize. Kentuky Bourbon. Yum. No, really, *YUM*. 90 proof, stronger than vodka, yet you can sit there drinking a full glass of it straight on the rocks without even noticing it. And oddly enough, I don't feel all that buzzed, either. made almost no typoes and I don't feel that alcohol-tired that can often set in. Still tired, but more from the hour than the drink.

in other news: curse you 6Q. every time you make a mix I wind up compelled to hunt down a fat stack of CDs simply to get a copy of those great songs you use in your sets! :) keep up the good work, I look forward to mfb4.


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Date:8:45 07.Mar.2005 (UTC)


which tracks are you looking for? also, did you d/l right away? or did you notice i changed the last 10 minute and get the final version?

mixed from bed volume 4 will be the start of a subseries. in fact, i'm nearly done with it already. nothing spawn intense focus and creativity like severe tragedy that the mind needs to be distracted from.

look for mfb: nostalgia - coming soon at sixq.net ! :)
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