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grrrrr.. 40GB is not enough! // musical life - Lograh — LiveJournal

Saturday, 05.Mar.2005

20:32 - grrrrr.. 40GB is not enough! // musical life

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damn this sucks. finally managed to get far enough through my collection that iTunes now has more in the library than der'Pod can hold, so I'm having to pick what not to put on it. This is a tough thing to do.


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Date:15:45 06.Mar.2005 (UTC)
100G seagate laptop drives are under $200... ;)
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Date:18:13 06.Mar.2005 (UTC)
yeah, I'm looking at swapping out the drive. Problem is, they used an uber-tiny drive that would seem (from what I've read) to be smaller than standard laptop drives. I'm hoping I've just mis-read the info, but will find out soon enough. If they are smaller than standard laptop drives, then I'm limited to 60GB as an upgrade path.
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