Lograh (lograh) wrote,

up way too early.. // daily

had to wake up at 4 this morning to drop my roomate off at the airport. guh. thankfully I was able to get to sleep at 20 last night so I actually managed to have a halfway decent night's sleep (kept waking up throughout, but that's more this sickness than anything else).

so I get home, and I have plenty of time today to do all sorts of things. so far I've done some laundry that I've been putting off for a month, folded and put away all the clothes in the pile that's been accumulating for weeks, and generally cleaned my room. It was either that or do homework, so there was some real incentive behind it. :)

y'all have been spared four piccies so far today due to bad lighting or impossible camera angles -- be happy.

school is going not so well this semester. I seem stuck in some all-encompasing *blah* towards just about everything in life. Can't see much point to doing, well, anything. didn't focus on my topology test like I should have, am not focusing on my analysis test like I should be. Bombed the former, will likely bomb the later. The daze just aren't flowing like they should.

I think I might like it if I were more able to "keep in touch" with the people I like. If I were somehow more inclined to be a communicative person. As it is, I just don't. I think "it'd be nice to see so-and-so", but I never actually do. I think how it'd be good to write someone, but I don't. Not for any physical impeidment; I have the ability, just not the drive. I know this is a problem, and I've mentioned it before, but for all my musings on possible solutions I'm at a loss for one that will work. Partially because it's not exactly a problem in itself (at least, not for me -- I don't mind never hearing from someone one bit), but more the results of it are problems.

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