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lost ideas . . . // memory lane - Lograh — LiveJournal

Thursday, 17.Feb.2005

9:41 - lost ideas . . . // memory lane

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wow, freakish. I just did a search for my previous username on google and there were only four results. three of them are actually me. One's just a user dump from netcom (from way back in the day, can't fathom why it's still online) and one is a vote tally from the request to create rec.games.deckmaster.marketplace (can't say I'm entirely *proud* of that one -- some things I'd like to forget). The third, though.. I can't understand why I'm there and other people are missing from the list. It's a citadel BBS software archive list with what appears to be some sort of listing of contacts for questions. Right there between Little Nemo of Slumberland and Ian Shot of Haven BBS is little 'ol me. Sure, they aren't exactly huge players in the CitBBS world, but they were still certainly of larger footprint than I. More confusing, though, is why *I* am listed, given there were plenty of other Sactown SysOps more involved than myself.

wow, the memories that one brought back.


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Date:3:38 21.Feb.2005 (UTC)

off topic

so... good news and bad news:

bad news is, i'm suckin' down your bandwidth, sorry!

good news is, that's mixed from bed volume 3 is uploading now!

not sure how i feel about it just yet; let me know what you think! :)
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Date:17:46 21.Feb.2005 (UTC)

Re: off topic

hey, glad to hear it. you needn't have hurried to get it done, though. I coulda waited. :)

I just noticed, though, that my hosting provider fucked up again and had my bandwidth cap lower than it should have been. I've spoken to them and it has been fixed. So, if you noticed some problem uploading or downloading, that's why. Sorry about that.
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