Lograh (lograh) wrote,

oh, and lest I forget // topical

to all those out there in a loving relationship: Happy valentines day. I wish you all a wonderful evening with your partner. for all my bitching about it, I actually do rather like this particular event and I'm glad to see all the couples being publicly affectionate. I only wish our society would be more accepting of people being publicly lovey-dovey all the time. it makes me smile to know that at least there is someone in this world who is happy.

'course, not being able to fully partake in the festivities kinda sucks for me this year, but ah well..

I keep comming back to the idea of putting out some sort of personals ad, but I know that it wouldn't work. if not because I'm so unsettled with who I am right now, then at least because of what it would say.

"looking for a girlfriend who will leave me alone." yeah, not exactly the best way to find someone, I imagine. :)
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