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I never would have guessed it // GoogleMapsFun - Lograh — LiveJournal

Wednesday, 09.Feb.2005

13:29 - I never would have guessed it // GoogleMapsFun

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so, out of randomness spurred by some odd Google searches I did recently, I decided to do a GoogleMaps search for:
"brothels near sacramento, ca" (sans quotes, as usual)

some of the more entertaining results are a christain church in davis and the NOW (National Organization for Women) office downtown.


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Date:22:16 09.Feb.2005 (UTC)
Why brothels?
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Date:22:45 09.Feb.2005 (UTC)
we were searching for which rapper was the richest, and having no luck finding answers through google. We eventually discovered it was because we weren't 'speaking their language'. the rap culture, we surmised, doesn't use the term "richest" (or "most wealthy" or anything else we were trying). We then started trying to guess the correct search terms it would take to get more accurate responses.. after going through various permutations involving terms like "pimpin da hos" or "got da bling" (and others -- all of which scared me with the lack of "did you mean..." prompts from google), I gave up and started playing with GoogleMaps.. some vestiges of the searching remained in my mind and made me just randomly think to search for "brothels near sacramento" (knowing that, if nothing else, there should be a few hits from various cities in Nevada).. imagine my suprise to find that NOW is considered a brothel. :)
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