Lograh (lograh) wrote,

I'm lovin' it! // dinner

boiled with quite a bit of Rosemary and Brandy
post-boil splashed with a touch more brandy
topped with generous ammounts of shredded myzithra cheese.

the flavors went perfectly, the sweetness of the rosemary contrasting with the sharpness of the myzithra, the mellowness of the brandy complimenting the pugnence of the rosemary, the woodyness of the myzithra blending with the woody hints in the brandy.. alltogether a perfect mix... now all I need to do is try a few more times to adjust the ratios (didn't have enough brandy (could barely notice it) and could probably handle a touch more rosemary as well)..
Of course, it'd help if I actually bothered to measure what I use... :)

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