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just remember // on religion - Lograh — LiveJournal

Friday, 28.Jan.2005

19:51 - just remember // on religion

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a religion is a mental virus. Belivers of the faith are infected and contagious.


Date:6:38 29.Jan.2005 (UTC)
Possibly true, but limited. Belief of any sort is a virus, whether the belief in question is "religious" or not. Look at the computing world, for example, or the sports world, or any other paradigm in which people become emotionally invested.

Then again, it's well to remember that life is a sexually transmitted disease. :)
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Date:15:35 29.Jan.2005 (UTC)
very true (on both counts). any ideas potent enough to be elevated to "belief" status by the individual can be safely viewed as mental viruses. I was simply claiming religion because the conversation earlier that day that sparked this was centered on religion and various methods some people use to attempt to convert others.
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Date:0:42 31.Jan.2005 (UTC)

You are not alone.

My hubbie (Voidheart) and I completely and utterly agree. It is a form of mental illness that is taught, an institutional insanity rather than an organic problem. Because it is part of the majority however, it is not considered a problem. Because we are immune we are considered the abberation, the unhealthy. Anything different is wrong. But smile, you are not alone.
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