Lograh (lograh) wrote,

fuckingmotherfuckshit // techie woes

so, in this house we have two desktop computers and one laptop. we are using a wireless router with broadband and got wireless cards in the lot of 'em. while not the most stable of solutions, it seems to work well enough most the time.

except now.

this Fucking laptop I use has decided that it can't get on the wireless network anymore. It sees the network just fine, but can't actually connect for shit. so, in what has got to be the absolute perfect definition of WTF, in a house where two windows machines with third-party wireless cards slapped in (one of them an emachine, the perfect example of "rock-bottom components") are working fine, a motherfucking APPLE LAPTOP (with built-in wireless, from apple) needs to use a fuckingcat5 to get online. Fucking APPLE!!!!!!! The company that built its entire reputation on "it just works" is the only piece of hardware in the house that can't get on the wireless. It worked just damn fine earlier this week -- hasn't worked for shit the past three days.


and, I go to our network software depot at work (connected through da 'net) planning on grabbing the isos for the OSX discs (for to burn copies here and do a re-install this weekend) and turns out that while we have directories created for OSX, the actual discs haven't been ripped yet. shit. So looks like I'll be walking on in to work this weekend to grab the discs from our physical library.

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