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further testing // iPod life - Lograh — LiveJournal

Thursday, 27.Jan.2005

9:36 - further testing // iPod life

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So, last night we had perfect functioning. This morning the paint had finished drying completely and it was exhibiting some odd anomolies -- the entire wheel area seemed shifted about 1cm to the right. Gliding along the left part didn't register at all and gliding along the right part would register as a center button click.

This was a cause for some concern.

It wasn't consistent, though, and I was able to finally queue up some tunez for my walk, and on the light rail ride in to work I used it some more and it was back to 100%. The unusual behavior this morning is still a slight worry, but it can also be chalked up to my attempting to use the device at 6 in the morning. :) I can barely manage to walk properly at that time, so not getting the right results out of the pod isn't entirely outside the realm of the expected.


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Date:18:12 27.Jan.2005 (UTC)
Good thing you don't operate heavy machinery. ;)
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