Lograh (lograh) wrote,

okay. *that* was weird // consumerism

so, my SoniCare arrived today, and like any good little consumer whore I eagerly rushed to go brush my teeth..

heh.. "eagerly rushed to go brush my teeth" -- how often does one say *that*?

anyway, yeah, went to go use it the first time... odd. It says it has a built-in timer that lets you know when to move to the next part of your mouth (docs (heh.. a toothbrush with documentation) even include a little picture not unlike a dental chart telling you how to divide up your mouth for the timer), supposed to take 2 minutes for the whole procedure. didn't seem that long. In fact, it felt like the brushing only lasted perhaps half as long as I usually spend on brushing my teeth. I'm used to slowly moving from tooth to tooth, making sure to brush them from all sorts of angles in little circles so I can be sure to get in all the hard-to-reach places.. the fm (as in rt..) for this thing clearly states I'm not to be making any brushing motions and just glide it from tooth to tooth..


The other odd thing about it.. well, not so much odd as interesting... Nowhere on the package does it say waterproof, the documentation has about 10 lines that boil down to not puting the charging station (that which actually plugs into the wall) where it could contact water, but doesn't say word one about the brush itself being waterproof

(completely non-related note: I've had my ringer on my phone on for the past 3 days (expected some important calls and forgot to turn it off after the last one) and just had a telemarketer call me. GAH! ringer go back OFF!)

so, yeah, where was I?.... yeah, okay, the docs don't say a thing if the brush is waterproof or not.. it sure *looks* waterproof.. nicely sealed compartment, no exposed electronics, only two buttons that have that molded-plastic-waterproof feel.. I took off the brush head and inspected the business end of the unit and it's all sealed up and no exposed electronics there.. so I'm thinking that I probably could take this in the shower with me (I normally used to brush my teeth in the shower). thing is, I would think "waterproof" would be a nice selling point for this thing, and it'd say so somewhere on the box. this doesn't say either way. No "do not use unit where it could be dropped into water" warnings, but no "safe for use in the shower" claims either. I can't be the only person who likes to brush his teeth in the shower (it feels great to get out of the shower and feel *clean*.. no lingering issues like "oh, still have to brush the teeth"), so I would think this question's been raised before..
eh, oh well.. time to go look online.. I suppose der 'Net is good for some things other than pr0n..

and yes, it felt kinda weird.

[update]: grrr.. found one site that said yes it's waterproof and one that said no. grrr..

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