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one small step // gazebo

yes, more gazebolog crap out of me. feel free to skip.

came up with an idea for some sort of blog-lite that I'll put up on da gazebo. Given that it's more readilly associated with me, I'm not entirely certain I want this LJ linked from it (I must admit, I find myself ever-so-slightly uncomfortable with my parents finding this LJ -- not that I'm letting that discomfort censor what I put here, but it still warrants recognition). But I'm thinking it would be good to have some sort of "what's going on in my life that's worth mentioning" type of area. Not terribly sure *why* I think this, but it's just something I feel should be there. That, and the added challenge of coding it the way I'm visioning it makes me smile.

Further bringing this up to the level of "wow, it could be an actual website!", I've completed the basic code for a simple little photo area. Nothing fancy, it just looks for a directory, yanks filenames from it and forms links out of corresponding thumbnails. Quite basic and plain, but it will do the job for now and I can work on improving it later.

I'm allready finding I don't like a few of the constraints I built into the conceptualization of the code, but I've got a plan half-done for how I'm going to break free of them.

One thing I do like, so far, is how I'm keeping it to one page that keeps referring to itself. session args in the url are the way it tells what to put in the code, and those are all set up in one place, so to update the site I need only make some modifications in two or three lines and everything else takes care of itself. To add content, I just type it up (not unlike this LJ update page), and then just edit those session arg lines and the site updates itself to point to the new content.
well, mostly. I'm still working on that part (somewhat) and will probably make some minor changes to the workflow for site updates, but the basic idea is in place and I'm happy with that.

It's rather interesting, though, that I'm even doing this. da Gazebo has been stuck at a single static html page for some time now, declaring there is nothing to be seen (we are just a hedge, move along). I've been content with that, using it more as a background playground on the side for when I'm bored and want to play with html or other web schtuff. This week, for some reason, I've decided that it's time to change that and re-create something of a web presence with this place. can't say why, don't even have vague suspicions, but it is an interesting thing to think on. Why do I suddenly care about the front page of daGazebo? Why am I bothering with learning this new language? And I'm doing a bit of learning for this, too! The old stuff was HTML3, vanilla-style. Now it's php-generated, HTML4 with CSS (looking seriously at cleaning it up and moving to XHTML1 once I get the php mostly settled). Quite a good number of changes, that. All for a site that I still don't take seriously.
Okay, just thought of a vague reason. I'm thinking of opening up some sort of online store-thing for selling of pictures 'round mid-2006. it'd be good to have the site functional by then, but that's a bit far off and really isn't the driving reason for doing all this now (otherwise I'm assuming I'd know better).

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