Lograh (lograh) wrote,

the last huzzah // introspective

I suppose this year is supposed to be something... I dunno. the last of my twenty-something years. Next year this time I'll officially be all growed-up, or something..

I was talking with someone a few months back, she said that she skipped 29. she just decided it was a pathetic excuse for an age, and she just started lying and telling everyone she was 30 whenever they asked. What's more, she said that there was a noticeable difference in the way she was treated. like when she told people she was 29, they still thought she was a kid somehow, but when she was saying she was 30, it was as though suddenly she's an adult and they treated her better.

So yeah, I guess this is my last year of being a kid, or something?

or something.

oh well.. 29, here I come.. I've got plans for you, beyotch.

To-do for the next year:
get my frelling finances in order, this dren has been dragging on for far too long.
take a vacation. three weeks minimum. 'where' isn't important.
get over the past and start keeping a journal again.
stop taking unnecessary shit from people just because they used to be 'friends' or just because they are 'familly'.
take the comps (hopefully to pass).

some lofty goals, those.. we'll see if any of them can be achieved.

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