Lograh (lograh) wrote,

what day is it again? (with bonus seasonal bitching!) // life and holidays

wow, being on vacation for over a week can really mess with your sense of time.

Add to this that I was up till 6:30 this morning (watched '24' last night -- well, most of it) and didn't wake up till 13:00, and I'm way disoriented. need coffee... badly... but I'm not in the mood to make it, and don't want to leave the house just to walk down to the corner store for it..


I had planned on brewing up two batches at some point this week, but between my dad visiting and general laziness, I haven't accomplished that yet. tomorrow is booked, so that's out.. I suppose I could just do it right now, but I'm still groggy.. need caffiene!!!!

perhaps I'll go out this evening and get the coffee schtuff then. perhaps.

been thinking recently.. jotting down some ideas in der'skine.. yeah.. thinking.. it's a dangerous habit that I find myself slipping back into. I really shouldn't think so much, it's bad for my health.
But then, not like I have anything better to do.

Gah, just two more days (including this one) and this month is over. Decembers aren't kind to me.

Had a nice argument with my dad this year over the presents issue -- again. Why is it so hard for some people to understand? I don't get it. Seriously, I don't. I've tried to understand where they are comming from. I know how it feels good to give someone something, I do it myself sometimes. I can appreciate the 'warm fuzzies' that can be had from giving a gift. What I don't get, is that when the person has made it clear they do not like to get gifts during a particular time of year, and has repeatedly asked that you not give them anything, and has spelled out in no uncertain terms year after year how it causes much distress to receive gifts that time of year... Why, in the face of all this, would you even consider giving that person a gift then?

Oh yeah, I forgot.. "I don't care what you want."

"why can't you just smile and say thank you?"

I think this year I may have argued with him enough that a little bit of it might just have slipped in. My mom finally clued in this year, though she tried to trick me into getting together "just to hang out and talk". Heh, no, sorry.. Perhaps once I'm convinced you're not tyring to fool me then maybe we can hang out during this week just to be social, but not when you've said "It doesn't matter what you want, I'm still going to celebrate it". Apparently your birthday is "your day" and you can celebrate it "however you want", but a non-celebration isn't a valid option.
Reminds me of the Model-T, "any colour the customer wants, as long as it's black".

I don't get it. What makes it okay for someone to join an established religion that doesn't celebrate christmas or birthdays and suddenly they are excused from the whole mess, but when I decide on my own that I don't want to celebrate them this is not acceptable. it's not like I'm asking for something that no one's ever wanted before. This isn't *that* weird a concept.

One of his work buddies doens't celebrate christmas, and he respects that and doesn't force it on the guy.

why can't he show me at least as much respect as he has for some guy he works with?

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