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ah yes... just like that.... // morning

this is a nice way to spend the morning. Got my PJs on, sitting outside and smelling the just-rained air. watching the sky slowly brighten while I sip my kawphy (with just the right touch of orange flower water this time). Got my slippers on so my feet are dry and warm, wearing mah robe so the rest of me is warm.

I need to work out some telecomutting schedule with work so I could do this more often. :) 'course, that'd require the vpn system to not be such a bitch (it's back to flaky this morning), but I'm sure this could eventually be worked out.

Kinda reminds me of one of the nice things I liked about working retail (for, despite how dealing with the sheep can be quite trying at times, there were quite a few aspects of that job that I liked) -- waking up late. Even when I was scheduled for opening shift I didn't have to leave the house before the sun was up. Now, working at CSUS, I leave before the sun almost every morning. Well, except for the summers, that is. that's quite lame.

pardon me, need to refill my demitass..

<back now>

okay, where was I?

Ah yes, in other news... If you haven't heard her yet, you really must give Charloette Church a listen. That girl has got one AMAZING voice. I finally got around to picking up a CD of her in my wanderings (Voice of an Angel, for the curious) and gave it a listen. Wow. I've heard operas where they didn't sound that good. Of course, now hitting "random" on der'Pod just got that much more dangerous -- could you imagine having something by Front Line Assembly followed by Charolette Church, and then capped off with a Slipknot piece for a chaser? hehehe.. What's even better is I'm thinking of finally getting off my lazy ass and importing some of my Noise CDs as well. I've been putting them off because they largely tend to not have the info in any CD database (like the one iTunes uses -- I think it's "Gracenote" -- for example) and I'd have to type it all in by hand. And did I mention I'm a lazy bastard? But yeah, I'm finally getting down to them and though I only have room for another 20 or so CDs, I figure that's still enough for some of the better ones in my collection. some Moe!, one of the UberKunst offerings (sorry, but you guys don't record as well as you sound live -- something is lost (perhaps the blood?)), CMU, KML, and a few others.. I dunno..
perhaps that's something I should do today. Sift through them and see what would do well on der'Pod (Crawl Unit would, sadly, not be one of the options -- too quiet for listening on the go).

hrmm.. morning.. not too bad so far.

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