Lograh (lograh) wrote,

thwarted at every turn! // techie rantings/oddities

blast and double blast!

(grrr.. need to re-import two CDs to der'Pod, they were scratchy on the first go)

So, I'm re-writing the pages for da'gazebo and I just got done making the navigation 100% dynamic and consolidating the css into one stylesheet, but then I go to upload the files for testing and the server thinks I'm over my disk quota. wha? I check the control panel and it says I'm at 1.9GB, which is expected, and I'm .9GB over my limit, which is so not right. I check the company's plans and the one I'm in should be capped at 7GB, not 1GB. So yeah, fire off an email to $HostingCompany and curse not having my own damn server (colo is so expensive) and get back to sitting around not being able to upload the new files.


guess I'll go work on the photo gallery some more. Just have to wait for testing the code till they get this disk space issue sorted out.

other oddness: der'Pod was repoting only 90MB free, yet when I went to update the songs on it today, iTunes said it had 2.7GB free and the 10 new albums fit just fine. hrmm.. odd, that.

Also, picked up a new battery for the camera today and went to charge it, but the charger wasn't recognising it for at least half an hour, then it finally went and charged like normal.

Just a day packed full of all-'round techie oddities, this one was. Least the vpn client didn't crap out every few minutes like it did last night and I was able to get what I needed to do at my desk computer done (mostly check email history of conversations with $HostingCompany to be sure of what I should be getting).

For the curious, some basic html of where I'm heading with the new gazebo look is up and running (or, rather, should be -- depends on how bitchy $HostingCompany wants to be at the moment).

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