Lograh (lograh) wrote,

productive day // today

I spent 3 hours playing Rise of Nations, won my first real game (on the easiest setting, though, so it doesn't mean much).

finally got those Kimberly Trip pictures converted for web, went to upload them to lunamorena and discovered the username/pass I have are no good. darkmoon: you can get them from http://www.binarygazebo.com/gfx/tkt/2004-12-11 at your leisure (as usual, larger and higher quality are both available, but not so web-friendly -- ask if you want them).

played windows solitare while waiting for the pictures to convert/resize/re-convert -- won two games..

Yup, that was my day so far. And for those who think I'm slacking off at work, my defense (this time) is thus: <dante>I'm not even supposed to be here today</dante>. I get here late this morning and notice there are no cars in the parking lot. I check the admin buildings and they are all closed and locked up. I run into the Java City folk and they say that their regulars yesterday were talking about how today was the Governor's Half-day (every year, the Govenor gives the state workers the second half of Christmas Eve day off, CSUS peeps are expected to take the other half off as personal leave, it got moved to today for CSUS due to holiday issues). So I wasn't even supposed to come in to work today. damn, I coulda used that sleep. :)

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