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Okay, so we all know that my favorite game is Diplomacy.

And some of us may know that I took part in a Diplomacy tournament online a few months ago.

And some of those may know that I tied for first on my board.

What not many will likely know is that there is now a second round of games that has started where the only people playing are those who placed first on their boards in the first round (with one or two exceptions being people who placed second because they were needed to fill out a board). It's being called the "Tournament of Champions" and it's happening over on redscape.

I, of course, am playing on one of the boards, "Dominant Position" (I'm germany this time), and we just had our first turn happen. The results are in, and posted.

DAMN! This game is easilly going to be a few notches above what the first round game was. The moves these people tried, and the diplomacy that is flying around through email.. wow.

I'm going to be loving this one. Every minute of it.

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