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and now for the content // today

heh.. some bands I was hoping would be representated on the 20 song meme (previous post) didn't get picked by the machine.. numbers 23 and 25 would have been songs by Devo and David Bowie.. there was a Beatles pick in the mix but it didn't have any lyrics (damn!).. various other artists who had a far larger impact on my life than those that did get selected were completely ignored.. but then, that's the joy of a random play. :)

today I picked up an 85mm 1.8 lens for the camera.. I was advised to get a 100 or 135 by various sources, some people I know some just random research, but then I factored in the 1.6 multiplier for my camera being digital and 85 sat in the good range. at the shop I tried out the 100 and 85, with the sales dude being kind enough to stand at various distances for me to get a feel for what is needed for bodyshots and headshots, and I was happy that the 85 is exactly what I'll need for portrait shooting. it was an *oomph* outside this month's expected budget, but that's why I build my budget out of rubber. a little less here, a smidgen less there, and I can manage to squeeze the lens in. I just won't be eating out as much the next two weeks. good thing I like simple pasta. :)
A new battery would be wise also, but that may have to wait till Jan.

(WTF?! 4 EXCELLENT songs in a row on random! why didn't it do this for the meme? AAARGH!)

In bummer news, I lost my scarf today. This morning (well, noon), it was chilly when I left the house so I decided to wear the scarf. Within an hour or two it had warmed up so I tied the scarf around my waist. It was pretty and colourful so I liked it there. At some point it came untied and I didn't notice till it was gone. Now somewhere out there a very pretty and lovely scarf is sitting on the ground (or in a bus). It was damn nice. I kept getting endless compliments on it from everyone. Hand-made for me by an old friend I don't know any longer. Dark blueish/purpleish (it was the only article of clothing I have that is my favorite colour) velour, slightly stretchy, 6'x8".. nice and big and pretty... bummer, that. I hope it's new person loves it as much as I did.
what really stinks about this mess, is that the ones currently available at the stores are teh sux0r. not that my old one was particularly thick or anything, but damn these new fasion accessories make a mockery of what a scarf is supposed to be. looks like I'll be learning to knit or something and make myself a new scarf. my neck don't like being cold. brrrrr..

(woah.. glad this one didn't come up for the meme. techincally Bobby McFerrin is *all* lyrics, but I'd hate to try spelling this stuff out!)

er.. what else.. uh.. not much, really.. I'm tired now and shall be resting.. er.. but first, I shall go reply to these comments I just got (lj-email in other window, handy that.)

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