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it's name that tune!! // memeage

it's that name-that-tune music meme thing. looks fun..

Problem is, I don't listen to playlists -- I just pick an album and tell the thing to play. So I'll just mix this with the "put all your songs on random" one from a while back.

step one: queue up every mp3 you have (yes, even the embarrasing ones) and tell your player to play them at random.
step two: post a line of lyrics from each of the first twenty (that have lyrics) it plays (try to avoid posting the song title as part of the line).
step three: strikeout the lines as people correctly guess them (without using google).
step four:
step five: Profit!

1: no matter how he tried he could not break free. And the worms ate into his brain. Pink Floyd Hey You guessed by aaangyl
2: Touring companies stay away / Rats and mice take the centre stage / Carpenter’s mate have a field day
3: in your monkey suit on a cigarette break / the lunchtime crowd, they won't even blink / but you'd be sad if they did
4: But I’m getting higher, / Lifted up on lucks’ circus wire ’til the...
5: Well world disasters, they come and go. / I'd give all my strength to be back home
6: Coffee in my coffee cup's, / Only good for taken me on a ride. / And I don't know which way I'm goin', / But I'll dive right in and hope I come out fine.
7: A stroke would be nice / Disease would be cool / I'll scatter his ashes in my new swimming pool
8: Brains wants to rule the heart / Heart wants to tie the hands / Unseat the assassin in me
9: Little ones, my sons and my daughters / Your sweat is salty / I am why / I am why / I am why
10: And I haven't felt so alive in years Depeche Mode But Not Tonight guessed by gravilim
11: Listen to our pretty song, we are happy as the day is long / Forget the things you thought you knew, / we'll make a very good girl of you
12: We're doing fine on the One and Nine line / On the L we're doin' swell / On the number Ten bus we fight and fuss / Ya know we're thorough in the boroughs 'cause that's a must
13: Just looking for the smile I give to you
14: I don't want you to hide this way is too far don't need to delve and call my first case
15: This good luck charm hanging off my arm / Was left here by the police They Might Be Giants Birds Fly guessed by noodlboy
16: Fragile to the waves / Vicissitudes of days / when i am with you / i feel a little brave
17: Did you really think you could pull it off / The perfect crime, crime of the heart?
18: got a gun, fact i got two / that's ok man, cuz i love god Pearl Jam Glorified G guessed by mamarhi
19: We all came out to montreux / On the lake geneva shoreline / To make records with a mobile / We didn’t have much time
20: Always ready when you hold me steady / Unplug the phone / Press my buzzer and ring my bell / Just me and you, pretending we’re not home

for the curious, I had to skip 21 songs that didn't have lyrics

I've included more than just one line in some cases where I feel it might me a tad difficult -- the goal is not to make them impossible, I think. That, and knowing the musical tastes of those reading this I'm fairly certain some of these will never be guessed.

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