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in other news // photography - Lograh — LiveJournal

Thursday, 16.Dec.2004

11:35 - in other news // photography

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wow.. I'm finally getting a chance to upload and look through the pictures that lotusstone took of The Kimberly Trip with my camera.. I must say, I'm impressed.. Then again, he is studying for an advanced degree in Photography, whereas I've never taken a single course in the topic (tried once, but it was full and I couldn't add). That difference of time spent with the art, and intensity of study, really does show. His shots are far superior to anything I've done at their shows.

Just goes to show, it's not the equipment that matters so much as it is the skill of the person using it. This is something I've believed for some time now, this just supports that.

darkmoon: I'll be uploading the piccies to your server todayish.. possibly tomorrow morning.


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Date:7:15 17.Dec.2004 (UTC)
For some reason it feels like your just blowing hot steam up my arse. I really didnt feel the images were of that quality of a nature. But, i guess we are our own worst critic.

Thanks for the boost though.
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Date:17:20 17.Dec.2004 (UTC)
no, really, they are good pictures. You used more viewpoints than I usually do at their shows, and managed to get a better 'feel' for the show in your pictures than I do in mine.
Taking pictures of the event is not about photodocumenting every song, it's about capturing the ambiance surrounding the event -- something I'm not at all skilled at yet.

Thank you, again, for agreeing to do that for me. I'll be able to learn a lot from your work.
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