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Of all the people presumably reading this who work with Apple tech support, can anyone please answer the following for me:

Is there a secret 'backdoor' phone number to Apple tech support that gets me to the people who *don't* suck, or at least those using a functioning computer inventory system?

So, I accept that Apple's computer inventory system tracks parts by their relation to a specific computer serial number. I think it's ass, but I acknowledge that it's not the tech's fault and it's not something Apple does to piss people off intentionally (that's just a keen side-effect). However, I have now had three problems with trying to get this part replaced. First the computer system mailed the replacement part to the wrong city. It had the correct zip code, and I told the person who typed in the order that I was in Sacramento, and the invoice came to the correct place -- but the part went to "Camelia", a city mapquest doesn't know of (which, while not an 'official' source, kinda implies it doesn't exist). Secondly, when the replacement part they sent out was sent to the right place, it turns out it was the wrong part! Well, kinda. The friendly tech helped explain to me that Apple switched parts mid-product line and my user had one of the older ones which they no longer stock. Okay, fine, but shouldn't the serial number of the laptop have shown that in the system? Further, if the part (it's the AC adapter) I have is the older type and the newer type will work, but needs a different cord to go to the wall, shouldn't the system know that I have the older cord and they will need to send a new cord with the new adapter? okay, yes, I know, it's not the tech's fault and the computer inventory system Apple uses is *A*S*S*. Fine, deep breath, I'll call and get a cord. I calmly explain to the tech what happened, I don't blame anyone in particular and I, very clearly, tell him we need the "cord that goes from the wall to the AC adapter". I also ask him about anything that I might need to return, pointing out that the first part which was sent to the wrong city did eventually wind it's way to my work so I now have two replacement adapters and only need one. He says their system shows I don't need to return anything and he can ship out a cord for me that day free of charge. Great, I go over the address three times with him (citing the initial mix-up as reason for my particularity -- I'm sure he thought I was a jerk by going over it so slowly and carefully) and verify twice that this is the cord to plug the AC adapter into the wall. I had allready had two problems and didn't want a third (my user has been without this laptop for a few weeks now because of the adapter's not working and he's getting impatient -- this is beoming a problem with my relations with the department and the secretary is literally yelling at me over her frustrations with Apple at this point). The friendly tech says it's all good and I happilly report to the department that a cord is on it's way.

It arrived this week, and due to my frantic schedule this week I just opened up the box. It's the wrong part.

Not only is it not a cord to plug the replacement AC adapter into the wall, it's ANOTHER type of AC adapter! Granted, this one only takes two prongs (it's a silver-clear puck-style instead of small black brick-style that the old one was) on it's cord so I thought it might work (it has the same power ratings printed on it), but our cord won't plug into this one either, so now I get to call Apple tech support again (I'm beginning to think I should program it into speed-dial) and go over, yet again, what went wrong and how much this is really starting to bug me. Also, I get the joyous job of reporting to my department that Apple once again screwed up the replacement order that we've been working on for roughly six weeks now (for the record, I called them back after that initial entry within 5 days with the serial number). contrary to popular wisdom, people still do 'kill the messenger'.

In total, I now have:
Dead laptops that need juice : 1
Dead original type of AC adpters : 1
New AC adapters of similar type : 2
New AC adapters of different type: 1
Cords that fit in new adapters : 0

I'm thinking of starting a collection on my office wall of different AC adapters all linked to this one serial number. I've got a space it would fit in (though not if this trend continues). :)

[edit]: called them, the friendly tech support guy listened to my story (I was calm, thankyouverymuch) and then pulled it up and read through the case history and agreed this was quite insane. He looked up the cords and has sent two, hoping that one of them will be the right type. let's keep our finger's crossed. :)

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