Lograh (lograh) wrote,

can't sleep . . . clowns will, er, do unspeakable things with me. // late-night random

There's a fine line between 'stalker' and late-night web surfing. So, I ran into a gal the other day and we chatted for a bit and she mentioned writing some slash. I, being of the insomniac variety this evening got bored and did a quick google search hoping for some reading material to help me to my slumber (not that I expect it to be boring or anything, but you know how reading can put you to sleep sometimes). I find her account on a slash website and there's a link to an LJ. clicky/clicky on userinfo, and yup it's her. now I get the joy of saying "hey yeah, I stumbled across your lj the other day" and trying to make it *not* sound like I'm some weird psycho stalker. honestly, I never even thought to look for an LJ account, I never typed in any search terms that could lead to LJ, I just wanted some light reading. the whole affair only took about 10 minutes or so (a few false starts on Google and some dead-end links slowed me down a touch), so it's not like I spent hours scouring the net..

And in all this, I still haven't read any slash. I just found the user page on the slash site and right at the top was a "my livejournal" link and I was all, "ooh, LJ!" and clickied on thru.. I'm such an LJ addict.

In other news, in my sleeplessness I thought I'd grab some bread and water (tummyache being the reason I'm up), so I head on out to get some and I find I've got mail! in fact, it's a little package from The Kimberly Trip! SQUEEEEEE!!!!!! everyone else got their CDs on Friday, it would seem, so my local post is teh lam3, but it got here all the same. Of course, now I'm stuck with the terrible question of if I want to rip it open and get to the listening right away, or would I rather try to fall asleep now that my belly is calmed down some.


It's just been a monday all 'round, I tell you. and I have to get up on time tomorrow (none of my usual hit-alarm-fall-back-asleep routine) because I have to go out to Florin mall for more off-site work yet again tomorrow (or, I suppose, technically it's "later today").. grr.. tried to go there Monday morning and discovered the lock to the grille was broken so we couldn't get in. that's a nice hour and a half wasted. They swear they got it fixed, though, so Tuesday morning (I'll just give up on the 'today' and 'tomorrow' words this late at night) hopefully it will open like it should. we'll see.

hrmmm.. to listen to CD, or to go to sleep.. that's a tough decision. :)

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