Lograh (lograh) wrote,

ice ice baby

Why is it Americans have such a fixation on ice?

I decided to get an iced Chai with my crepe today for lunch, as Chai tastes nice and their prices are reasonable for that particular item, and I didn't want a hot one as the temperatures outside are warm enough to warrant getting an iced one.

The lady fills the cup to within _an inch_ of the top with ice before pouring in the chai! Now, I'm thinking to myself "damn, that must be some hot chai to need that much ice to cool it down". Imagine my suprise when she then reaches into the refidgeration unit behind her and pulls the chai out from there and pours it into the cup! This stuff wasn't hot to begin with, it was mixed from cold ingrediants and kept chilled before pouring (they steam it if you want it hot). The obvious question, then, is why add so much ice? Did she think I was going to let it sit in the sun all day before drinking it? I would have asked, but unfortunately I had to get back to work and did not have the time for a debate with her.
This situation is not by any means unusual, either.

From now on, I'm just going to make explicit demands that people not go crazy with the ice anytime I'm getting a drink that could concievably have ice in it. If I have to, I'll specify an exact number of ice cubes (I do at the lemonade place in Downtown Plaza sometimes) if I find they repeatedly screw it up.

I wonder if they have ever had a drink with that much ice in it themselves?

There's got to be a reason why people repeatedly load my drinks down with ice.

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