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Tuesday night I was in the mood for a yummy burger and some beer, so I headed on down to Pyramid for a sumptious combination of sautee'd mushrooms and melted mozzarella (damn that word is spelled wierd) over a veggie patty, washed down with copious ammounts of beer. yummy stuff. Though I'm worried by their recent changes. The new dress code is . . . odd. They are wearing white button-down dress shirts (okay, fine, beats the old denim ones), with black JEANS. Er, what? I had to look a few times to make sure I wasn't just more intoxicated than I felt. Nope, true enough, that's what they were wearing. Sure, I'll be the first to admit that the dress-shirts on the ladies look *good* (it's one of the pieces of clothing I <3 on gals) but mixing it up with black jeans just doesn't look right. Even my twisted fashon sense looks at it and goes, "something just aint right here". Further giving me cause for concern is they've taken my beloved mushroom mozzo. burger off the menu. Granted, you can still get one as a custom-built deal and it's the same price as it ever was, but traditionally when a restaraunt moves an item off the main menu listing into some small-type options at the bottom of the page, that's the first step to getting rid of it entirely. An even more terrifying problem, though, is that of the beer. They have gotten rid of 4 different brews (one of which took second place at a recent competition) and have introduced two new flavors, both of which suck. The bartender doesn't like them either, and neither did the various people sitting next to me (we all had a taste). General concensus was that these new flavors are teh sux0r and we liked the ones they discontinued. Bah. Oh well, hopefully management will get their heads out of their collective asses and stop this disturbing trend before it goes too far (I'm running out of places I like to go for food and bier).
Other than all that, it was a good time. I had a significant ammount of alcohol that night and didn't get to bed till *way* late. Woke up feeling rather ungood (but not so much as to say doubleplusungood or even plusungood). In my defense, I had planned on drinking that much before I even arrived there, and I still went to work the following morning (as on-time as I ever am). Thus supporting my claim that I'm not an alcoholic.

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