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so, after hearing about the NintendoDS, I was somewhat intreguied (my inability to spell it did not deter from my feeling of it). After reading the various praises being sung of this device by webcomic folk, I was interested. After playing the Metroid: Hunters demo in the stores this last weekend, I had to have it.

I must admit, the stylus interface is really quite cool. I haven't had a chance yet to really play some multiplayer, but it sure does look fun. I also picked up the Mario varient for this platform, and it's quite fun. I like the attention to detail in the graphics and moves available. I admit it, I'm a kid at heart, I like Mario. That, and the atmospheric sound fx are done very well considering there are only two speakers to work with. 'Bout the only thing I don't like is having to use the stylus in my left hand, but I can't really see using my left thumb for all the other commands so there really isn't any other option, I guess.

Though the size of the game cartridges scares me. I'm afraid I might accidentally swallow one, or something. I shit you not, these things are *slightly* larger than a quarter.

So yeah, my scholastic inabilities are still making life teh sux0r, but at least now I have spiffy video games to play. :)

[edit]: subject changed for easier summary view

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