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so cool you make Mr. Freeze shiver. // memetastic

on nina, again I don't have much material from which to work (only spent a few times together) but I think I know enough to give a general idea as to why she's so damn cool and your life is lesser for her not having a part in it.

It's not overly difficult to miss her in a crowd due to her being a very small person, but this small person has large thoughts. Her shyness can sometimes get in the way of letting you know this on your first meeting her, but she's getting better at that. She thinks some wonderous thunks.

Further, in the middle of all this thinking and pondering lies a girl who is genuinely open to other people's points of view, and who cares more about hearing what you have to say than forcing you to hear her. She will silently sit there listening to you ramble on and on about whatever you feel you need to say, and just when you're starting to wonder if she's even listening anymore she'll touch on a specific point you were making and how it relates to something you said an hour ago. Granted, once you've gotten to know her better and she's more comfortable with you she'll take a more active role in the conversation (sometimes to the point of being just as verbose as she was once terse) but even when she's the one doing all the talking you still know that whatever words you may get in edgewise weigh far more with her than what she was saying. Even at her most vocal, she doesn't so much 'dominate' the conversation as she is willing to 'carry' it.

This is not to say that she'll instantly change her mind to whatever is told her. Quite the opposite is closer to the truth. She'll listen to your point, and consider it, and if it doesn't fit with her ideas then out it goes. It is tough for a lot of people to be able to seriously give other ideas a fair chance and yet still maintain their own thoughts. For her, it comes naturally as she is so caring in everything she does. She is allways trying to find the best way to make sure that everyone else is having a good time and not being left out.

Every time I think back to remember my conversations with her, the first thing I remember about her is her smile. Not only is it a rather cute smile, but she shows it often. And frequently enough it is accompanied by a laugh that grabs you firmly and forces you to go laughing along with it. Combine this infectious joy with a true concern for others, and all onlookers are left with no choice but to enjoy every minute spent around her.

So there you have it. Proof that nina rawks.

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