Lograh (lograh) wrote,

my mistress' eyes are nothing like... // memeage

(no, she's not my mistress or anything, I just like the sonnets)
as regards the fair sweet athenamarie, what needs be said?

those who know her likely know her better than I, as I have the distinct misfortune of only barely having gotten to learn of her ways, in part from only having sat with her once, but I shall do what I can to enlighten those even more misfortunate than I as to what they are missing.

She's quite frank in her journal, though her personal actions would seem more reserved. This suits me just fine in both ways. Her world of thoughts is full of open discussion, not shying from stating her mind and telling you just how wrong you are. Her world of actions, though, acknowledges some need for restraint in polite society and excersises it well.

She is quite lovely to behold, though she may argue to the contrary. Her eyes are entrancing, putting the perfect finishing touches on a face that one could never tire of looking at. She dresses with a casual style that fits her personality perfectly and makes one feel no hesitation in approaching or speaking with her.

In discussion she is very versitile, readilly covering many disjointed topics and able to keep up no matter the pace of thought. She is honest enough to admit to any limitations in her knowledge (of which there are not many), and mentally flexible enough to be able to patch such holes in the midst of the conversation sufficiently to be able to continue on from there. She has quite a vocabulary for expressing herself, and doesn't shy from using it.

Flirting with her is a true joy. She's quite adapt at the finer points of the art, and approaches it with a very cheerful nature. It's rare to see this in a person, and she's managed to cultivate it more than most.

I wish I could say more, but as noted at the beginning I am working with a severe lack of experiance -- something I would hapilly jump at the opportunity to alter. She is definately someone worth getting to know far better than the mere passing exchanges I have been forced to be content with.

athenamarie, you rawk.

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