Lograh (lograh) wrote,

osx the way it was meant to be // raving (with a slight tangent)

yeah, I am now officially terribly happy with QuickSilver. damn sweet app, this one. I can only wish they might someday come out with ports for Windows and Linux. not bloody likely, as they are pretty hard-core mac from the looks of the website, but you never know..

even stil, hot damn this thing is usefull! espescially after you've gone and downloaded the respective plugins for the apps you use.

'bout my only complaint with it is how it insists on opening the bookmarks in safari, even though they are my firefox bookmarks! grrr.. must be a pref. setting for that somewhere I haven't looked yet.

if you have osx (10.3+), you really have to consider this app. heck, I will barely be able to put it to use as my only real mac use is on der'Book (and it burns up often enough that I won't trust it as a primary) and I'm still considering donating some funds to the project because it's just that damn good.

Also, and this one goes out to everyone, not just the osx folk, if you aren't a del.icio.us user yet then you really aught to remedy that. It's like the livejournal of bookmarks. you put your bookmarks there so you can access them from *any* computer anywhere, and you can add other people's bookmarks to a sort of 'watch-list' and whenever they add bookmarks there, you can see what they've added and decide if you want to bookmark it also. tags to describe the content of a bookmark, summary notes to give better ideas of the content, and "popularity" counters to tell you how many other people have bookmarked a page. plus, RSS feeds of any tag/user bookmark collection so you can integrate the bookmark categories (yours or anyone else's) as bookmark folders in firefox!

It's the next step in a truly connected world. We can post our ideas in blogs and have people comment or discuss them with us. We can tag various pages/sites for referance and other people can see those tags and spread the word or tell you of other places you might like. And there are even some starts of collaborative document editing tools (SubEthaEdit and such). Yeah, cool stuff this.

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