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So, I finally managed to get my email archives (22.8k messages / 150MB) imported into outlook and google desktop happilly began in on the indexing..
A day later it had finished the task and I now have my entire email collection google-able. :) an interesting note is that the process of indexing those message increased it's data store to 289MB. Additionally, I read more carefully just *what* it indexes and it turns out that it's ignoring most of my data, so I'm not so impressed with it's hashing abilities anymore. Particularly so, now that I've added 150MB to the arena of index-able files and the data store for goolge desktop increased by roughly 150MB. grr. I'm going to do some more testing, but if this thing winds up being a linear growth, that would truly suck for people who are actually somewhat pressed for storage space.
But I must admit, it's searching is damn fast compared to anything else I've tried.

In other news, I visited with teh dad yesterday and we did some wandering around town. Stopped by Dimple, where I grabbed used copies of, among other things, Peter Schilling. Did he even make any albums other than the one Major Tom is from? :)
My dad also was suitably impressed with Chipotle. Not that he gave it particularly high marks or anything, but he did say things like "this salsa is almost respectable" and "I'd eat there again" -- both phrases actually meaning something as he's a bit of a snob with his 'mexican' food.

And now I'm having the joy of setting up a P2-233 with WinXP. I'm not entirely sure that it'll stay that way, but I'm at least going to give it a shot. :)

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