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I must be getting sick // growing up - Lograh — LiveJournal

Thursday, 11.Nov.2004

22:06 - I must be getting sick // growing up

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or something.. I don't feel like I have a fever, but something's certainly wrong with me..

So, there I was, sitting at the bar at a brew-pub enjoying my beer and lamenting my fate in my schooling (Sequences and Series have allways kicked my ass) when a gaggle of girlies comes up next to me and orders a round. They're quite attractive, and I can't help but to glance their way a few times, but not too much..

Then I actually paid attention to my ears.. and I heard them talking.. GAH! What's worse, I somehow started talking to one of them (still not sure how this came to pass), and I can honestly say that any interest that I may have had in them upon initial sighting was killed when I overheard their conversation and doubly so after I spoke with one of them. Sure, she was very attractive (college kids, nothing better to do than keep a nice shapely body), but her mind and thoughts were so .... *vacant* that I lost all interest..

What's wrong with me? I'm supposed to be some sort of 'perverted old man' kind of guy! Here I was, sitting next to multiple very attractive young ladies in quite shapely outfits, and I had no interest whatsoever in looking at them!

Maybe I'm comming down with something? This sure would suck, as I plan on being beaten to a pulp tomorrow night at the Korn concert. :)

damn, I must be growing up.. When the hell did this happen?!


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Date:6:12 12.Nov.2004 (UTC)
Wow. I work with girls like that. Though I have no interest in their weekend yacht excursions or their new Prada purses, they are definitely eye candy.
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Date:15:22 12.Nov.2004 (UTC)
Eye candy, indeed. I should never have talked to them. They were perfect eye candy, very nice form, but after listening to their conversation and talking with one of them I knew the center of the candy was rotten and that just ruined it all.
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Date:0:54 13.Nov.2004 (UTC)
It's sad. I work with a lot of attractive girls (the same round of college girls that Ryan does) but their personalities totally turn me off!

Case in point:

Coworker: "My friend always has new purse everytime I see her and I'm so jealous. She's got like 10 Coach bags and a Prada backpack. Can you believe that??"
Me: "I have of Prada...that's some expensive New York clothing like, right? What the hell is Coach?"
Coworker: ...Speechless.
Me: "Uhhh..?"
Coworker: "On my god...are you telling me...that you've never heard of Coach???"
Me: "Yes."
Coworker: "Oh my god!"

She tried explaining it to me, I guess it's some kind of terribly overpriced handbag.

Is this all that these girls think of? Designer handbags? Why the fuck are you in college?
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Date:6:13 12.Nov.2004 (UTC)
It's not getting old, it's failure to get drunk enough to think they were witty. Or something. I had a similar experience my first year of college. I was at a party and I saw the most gorgeous guy. He came over and started talking to me, and there was nothing there. Desperate to salvage the situation I tried asking him what he liked to do. "I dunno." More desperate: Work on cars? Watch football on tv? "Uh... No... just, you know, smoke a bowl, kick back." Apparently, all he liked to do was smoke pot. I was drunk enough at the time to think well, maybe it doesn't matter. He kissed me and I had the distinct feeling I was kissing a very cute and cudly COW. Gah. Ack. I don't like remembering that.
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Date:15:21 12.Nov.2004 (UTC)
sorry to bring up the memory. We all make mistakes in our life, at least you can blame the alcohol for making you think he was worth talking to. :)

failure to get drunk enough to think they were witty
heh... I like that one..
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