Lograh (lograh) wrote,

A is for Amy who fell down the stairs // memetastic

I finally gave in.

the alphabet meme thing
A is for age: almost 29 (so close, yet so far away)
B is for booze: I own more than some bars, drink less than most catholics.
C is for career: IT to pay the bills (pays good enough), student for fun (doesn't pay at all), photo as a hobby (might pay in the future).
D is for dad's name: Dad
E is for essential items to bring to a party: My Hat ®
F is for favorite song at the moment: I rarely can single any of them out like that.
G is for girlfriend: Nope.
H is for hometown: Born in Santa Ana, CA but grew up in Sac.
I is for instruments you have played: My imagination, Cameras...
J is for jam or jelly you like: the tasty yummy kind.
K is for kids: love 'em. Don't have any, but love the little critters.
L is for living arrangements: Renting a room from someone.
M is for mom's name: Mom
N is for name of your pets: iPod
O is for overnight hospital stays: Do psyciatric hospitals count?
P is for phobia[s]: I am deathly afraid of the power of small minds in large groups.
Q is for quote you like: "To judge that which lies beyond logic by logical means seems itself illogical."
R is for relationship that lasted the longest: er... 1.75 years (roughly)
T is for time you wake up: well, the alarm goes off at 5:30 on workdays, I usually sit up within half an hour after that.
U is for unique trait: I am a unique trait.
V is for vegetable you love: while I feel most of them are rather keen, I wouldn't say they hold such a special place in my heart.
W is for worst habit: being an asshole.
X is for x-rays you've had: dental (duh). left fingers (had a growth). can't think of any others.
Y is for yummy food you make: I've received many compliments for both my Baklava and my Turkish Coffee.
Z is for zodiac sign: Sun in Capricorn, Moon in Scorpio, . . . ah screw it, look here for a crappy computer-generated chart. Born in the year of the Rabbit (used to know more about that end, but I've misplaced the slip of paper it was on).

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