Lograh (lograh) wrote,

must be that 'new math' // note

so, yeah. Went out to eat last week, and was with a group sufficiently large to warrant the tip being included in the bill. 17%, in fact -- slightly higher than the 15% you normally see, but no big deal. When I get the bill, though, I notice that it's a bit higher than even the 17% it claims to be. It is, in fact, more like 22%. Now, I didn't care because the waitress was really cool, nice and friendly, the food was excellent, and the host was good about letting us annex neighboring tables when more people in our party arrived. all in all it was a wonderful experiance. That, and she was uber-cute, so I actually wound up leaving slightly more on the table in cash.

Still, though, their included tip was significantly more than it claimed to be. I'm thinking I should probably inform them of this before they get stung by one of those "I hate to pay tips" people noticing it's higher than it should be.

an interesting side-note: when it did the initial authorization with my bank, they pre-auth'd for another 20% on top of the tip-allready-included bill. In whole, they pre-auth'd for over 50% more than the non-tipped total. Damn, they're optimistic about how big the tips will be!

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