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what does the 'v' in 'hvac' stand for? // work update - Lograh — LiveJournal

Monday, 08.Nov.2004

9:42 - what does the 'v' in 'hvac' stand for? // work update

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I get that the 'h' is probably 'Heating', and the 'ac' are 'Air Conditioning'.. but what's the v?
Heating Versus Air Conditioning : this time it's personal.
Heating, Vulgarity & Air Conditioning : You'll fucking like the shit we do.
Heating, Venusians & Air Conditioning : our product is out of this world.

Or am I wrong about the 'h', 'a' and 'c' in the first place?

Either way, I finally figured out (actually, figured this out about a month ago) how to controll the heat/cold in my office. The thermostat on the wall is just a decoy cleverly meant to distract from the true controlls. I am now certain that it doesn't do anything. The vents that blow treated air into my office are set to 'hot' or 'cold' at the central plant, and I have only one small measure of controll I can excersize over them. I have a switch on the far wall with which I can turn them on or off.

Yup, we're so high-tech here that our heating and air conditioning controlls have *two* whole settings! "On Full" or "Off". Best I can figure is that the system was struck by massive budget cuts half-way through the process, as the thermostat is stuck to the wall, but the only controll we have is a switch on a seperate wall that just turns the vents on or off. I suppose they saved a whopping $5 per room by not running the controll wires to the thermostat and instead just stopped at a slightly closer wall to install a manual switch. Oh well, at least I have some controll.


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Date:17:59 08.Nov.2004 (UTC)
Ventilation :)
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Date:18:02 08.Nov.2004 (UTC)
Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning. HVAC
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Date:18:23 08.Nov.2004 (UTC)
$5/mo * oh, say, 100 rooms = $500.
You are aware of how miserly certain state and university budgets are.
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Date:9:25 11.Nov.2004 (UTC)

for next time

google does everything. it's kind of scary.

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Date:16:46 11.Nov.2004 (UTC)

Re: for next time

yeah, it is a touch disconcerting how 'omni-' Google is becomming.
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