Lograh (lograh) wrote,

nothing to see here // random thoughts

saw "The Incredibles" today.. damn good movie. go see it if you haven't.

Body Shop has craberry scrub back in season.. no Snow, though. bummer, that.

I have so many thoughts floating around my head these days.. gah.. so much to say, but nowhere to say it.

10-year high school reunion went better than I expected. saw someone I've not seen in many years, and who I missed somewhat. she and I exchanged emails addys and remarks about how we both would like to converse more than once per decade. keen.
Notably absent, though was one of my better friends from h.s., and he's worse at responding to email than even myself, so I was really looking forward to it when I heard he was supposed to show up. Looser flaked, though. bummer, that.

and now I sleep, to be woken up far too early for a bike ride tomorrow. bah. but it is nice to get out and do some social riding, so I suffer the alarm.

On the one hand, being single really is quite lame, but on the other hand I know that any relationship I tried to start right now would be a terrible failure as I'm such a mess. frell. Not that I have any real-life prospects or the courage to actually persue anyone in particular, you realise, but it'd still be nice to at least have the option.
Then again, it's likely a good thing I don't have the option. The last few ladies I've met whom I would have liked to persue would most likely have not considered me -- I've learned that there are certain personality types that are relationally-incompatible with my personality. Bummer that I seem drawn to them most. Just like the proverbial moth, I am drawn to precisely that which I truly have no business being near. :)

my stupidity knows no bounds.

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