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seems there's allways something // finances - Lograh — LiveJournal

Friday, 29.Oct.2004

9:02 - seems there's allways something // finances

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firstly, I could just kick me! I was an idiot this month and as such I'm hitting far closer to empty than comfortable at this point. And the damn payday isn't till monday, argh!

just when I start getting within spitting distance of being free, tuition from this semester hit and I had to pay that instead of debt. grrr.. I mean, sure, at least it didn't put me further back, but I didn't leap ahead as I had hoped. :(
And now the tuition for next semester is comming up next month! I'll probably put it off till December just so I can pay some debt off in Nov, but damn. grr..

shit like this was so much easier to handle when I was so far from being done. Now that I'm within a two month's pay of being free it's like a constant itch that I just can't seem to reach.


Granted, I don't regret putting school higher in priority than paying off debt. Not at all. School (or, rather, learning) allways has been, and allways will be, my number one priority. It's just that looking at the cost for two semesters and noticing that it's just about the same as the ammount I have left to pay off. And knowing that it's likely going to make me miss my hopes for being paid off by the end of this year.