Lograh (lograh) wrote,

the song remains the same // linkage

I knew I wasn't crazy! When I first heard of Starbuks doing the create a custom CD thing, I instantly remembered how Tower Records used to have something like that. I finally found a story on that old service of days gone by. Only the first page of the article is free, but it's enough to show I'm not *entirely* insane!

What's sad is thus: the only reason I really remember that service in the first place is because someone I hung out with back then made a tape there. He was quite a character, and gave the tape the wonderfully unique title, "Music to ejaculate to". I don't think that particular phrase has been used to title a song collection since.

Additionally of note: if Starbuks manages to make this idea float, it'll be yet another example (as though we needed more such cases) of good business not being due to innovation, but more due to proper immatation. Understandable, sure, but somewhat bothersome all the same.

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