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well, that's no help! // geekin'

So, testing out GoogleDesktop (spare me the lectures on lack of security, that's one of the things I'm testing it for), it has this nice little feature wherein it caches every webpage you visit. *really* handy feature, I'm thinking. Problem is, it only works with IE as the browser.. WTF? who in their right mind actually still uses IE these days?

ah well, perhaps the next version of it will support the Mozilla familly of browsers.

though I must admit, having results from my computer show up in the GoogleWeb search results page is kinda unnerving the first few times it happens (though it was uber-helpful twice so far and it's only been a day).

In other news, how the bloody frell is it managing to properly index (and cache a good deal of) my files in only 134MB worth of data files? I have roughly 134GB of data on-disk at the moment (slightly more, but what's a few gig here or there). That's to say their indexing is so damn efficient it only needs one byte of index data for every thousand bytes of raw data?

In other, other news: it's not at all perfect. It seems to have entirely skipped a 150MB txt file I have. I enter search queries that I know are in there, and it doesn't return as a result. hrmm.. odd, that. it indexes all the contents of any Word or Excell file (and the other M$Office apps, also). but not this txt file?
I'll try renaming it to .doc and open it so desktop is sure to see it now.

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