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so much to say, so much to say.

Yet no drive to say it.

One thing, though: I'm loving the current S*P storyline, what with him going to the high-school reunion and such making me think about mine that is comming up soon. Wondering who will be there, thinking of the few people I've found emails for leading up to this and how their lives have changed (or not). Some success stories, some treading water, and then there's me. What the frell do I have to show for the last 10 years?

Married? nope. did a pretty good job of pissing off my only two girlfriends, in fact. though considering my rather astounding lack of relationships in high-school I suppose the fact I even convinced two gals to seriously date me for any ammount of time could itself be thought of as an achievement. after all, "it's a far better thing", and all that, eh?
Social Life? none to speak of. Have successfully alienated myself from over half the people I have spent any time with, and almost never spend time with the few who would still talk to me if cornered.
Good Job? well, it pays the bills. back on probation for a year, though, so who knows where I'll be next fall!
Hobbies? I keep dicking around with photography but have very little in the area of resources and/or motivation to fully persue it.
Cool toys? none, though I did buy a big blanket this weekend. it's green, and mostly poofy. :)
Notable acheivements? Finally went back to school and am stressing out over if I can handle it. will probably fail miserably, I suppose that's something to brag about? too bad I didn't get it (failing, that is) done on time, 'cause then I could have boasted about it. Ah well, I suppose that'll have to wait till 10 years from now.

So, yeah. I'm rather looking forward to going there and cheerfully proclaiming the last ten years of my life to have been spent doing very little and accomplishing even less. I guess some things really don't change much after high school, eh?

In other news, how about we bitch about work some? So, I get an email from my old boss this morning. seems there's some sort of question about the FLSA and my position and if it meets exempt status or not (new laws, have to review classifications and job duties, etc..). Only, it was sent in hard-copy (why people still insist on using paper, I will never know) to my old office, so they are being kind enough to forward it on to me. As this will probably take a week and this is a kinda important issue I figured I'd email the guy who sent it and ask for an electronic version so I can get on it. He just emailed back saying he'll send me another copy (he already knows it's being forwarded to me, why send another one?) as he's pretty sure it doesn't exist in electronic format.
Lemme guess, the admin guy dictated it to someone who took notes in shorthand and then dutifully transcribed such to letter form on a mechanical typewriter (using special ditto paper, of course -- this is the modern world we live in). The printing shop then used a Ditto machine to take this letter and run off hundreds of copies which were then sent to the various individuals who needed them. (and if any of the terms in that paragraph sound foriegn to you, you're too young)
Seriously, how can something of this nature, which will be sent to hundreds of people (in my classification alone, let alone the thousands others state-wide in other classifications that need to be reviewed) not have existed in electronic format? I'm suprised it was done on paper at all in the first place.
Sometimes you just have to shake your head and laugh. seriously, that's the only response that even comes close to appropriate.

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