Lograh (lograh) wrote,

shift in approach // meta

So, I'm thinking of something (those who know are likely taking cover now). Belle mentioned once that she time-delayed all her entries. That idea floated around in my head for a while till it finally stuck in some lobe (aren't all the areas in the brain lobes?) and got it processing. I'm thinking that could be rather keen to try. It would let me take a little more time in crafting my entries, weed out the crap that no one wants to see (including me -- if I want to see something but y'all aren't interested then that falls in the "deal with it" category, but if not even I want to see it that's something else). Additionally it will allow me to not post so much half-baked crap as I could let an idea simmer for a few weeks and slowly add to or refine it every now and then till it's ready for posting. This entry itself is an example of this thought (as I've actually been mulling it over for a month now) but it was fully mental-editing and frankly my memory isn't good enough to attempt this as a final solution. I'm thinking for now I'll probably just be keeping notes in a little pad of paper. That way I can get the instant "I feel this" impact of jotting something down right away, but then slowly polish it over a week or so. I'd eventually like to have some sort of automated process for this, perhaps a store where I could access proto-posts and edit them and then just check an "I'm happy with this" button and a few days later it will auto-post to LJ (the few days being for last-minute changes). Problem with this is my current lack of computing ability would make this rather ineffective. perhaps after I get the $portable (laptop, notebook, tablet, call it what you will), which will quite possibly be happening around the same time as (or within a few months of) the camera upgrade. But that puts it on a timeline that I'm not entirely satisfied with. the "ME WANT NOW" voice in my head is actively lobbying against waiting for that.

So, anyone else got some ideas for a temporary solution? one that can be transitioned to a more permanent system upon aquisition of a $portable would get bonus points.

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