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Look! // meta - Lograh — LiveJournal

Wednesday, 06.Oct.2004

9:32 - Look! // meta

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so, we were discussing lj friends lists last night and I mentioned a few journals that I thought my co-discussor should read.

For the rest of you, they are:
grumpy_sysadmin if you understand more highly technical ranting and love reading about technology that doesn't work.
mistersleepless if you like to read weirdness of the darker variety
merovingian if you like to read weirdness of the just-plain-weird variety.
aaangyl for the mental musings of a late-20s techie. every topic covered.
blog_sociology for much thought on this 'blogging phenomenon'.


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Date:16:18 06.Oct.2004 (UTC)
Aww, thanks for the promo!
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Date:16:24 06.Oct.2004 (UTC)
hey, yer lj is a great read. your headspace is nice and cozy to just sit and chill in. :)

which is one reason I want to get down there to visit you so badly, to spend a day just talking with ya over coffee/tea/lunch/whatever.
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