Lograh (lograh) wrote,

The good:
I _almost_ fit into a 34 waist again. Okay, fine, I'm wearing one now, but it's tight. Not as tight as it used to be, though! :)
I rode to work in HALF AN HOUR today!! That's right, 30 minutes! I actually got to work quicker on my bike than I would have had I taken RT! All this and I've only managed to ride my bike to work twice each week for this week and last! Imagine how quickly I'll shape up once I finally start riding to work every day.

The bad:
I was pelted by bugs no less than 5 times on the way in today. One of those damn swarms was so big it lasted 3 seconds of my trying not to breathe and keep my eyes mostly shut while I pedal as hard as I can to get out of it. When I finally broke free of them, I looked at my arms and they were almost black! Most other swarms were small and only lasted an instant, but it was still bothersome when I didn't see them ahead of time and I got hit in the face by about 10 bugs all at once.

The ugly:
My sorry ass after hitting all those swarms of bugs. Sure, I wiped them off as they happened, but I just know there are bug bits on me somewhere still.

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