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The good: I _almost_ fit into a 34 waist again. Okay, fine, I'm… - Lograh — LiveJournal

Friday, 31.May.2002


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The good:
I _almost_ fit into a 34 waist again. Okay, fine, I'm wearing one now, but it's tight. Not as tight as it used to be, though! :)
I rode to work in HALF AN HOUR today!! That's right, 30 minutes! I actually got to work quicker on my bike than I would have had I taken RT! All this and I've only managed to ride my bike to work twice each week for this week and last! Imagine how quickly I'll shape up once I finally start riding to work every day.

The bad:
I was pelted by bugs no less than 5 times on the way in today. One of those damn swarms was so big it lasted 3 seconds of my trying not to breathe and keep my eyes mostly shut while I pedal as hard as I can to get out of it. When I finally broke free of them, I looked at my arms and they were almost black! Most other swarms were small and only lasted an instant, but it was still bothersome when I didn't see them ahead of time and I got hit in the face by about 10 bugs all at once.

The ugly:
My sorry ass after hitting all those swarms of bugs. Sure, I wiped them off as they happened, but I just know there are bug bits on me somewhere still.



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Date:8:23 31.May.2002 (UTC)

You're making me feel fat & lazy

The distance between your home and work is not significantly longer than the distance between mine. I should ride. I should at least be combining riding and RT. Maybe I should take a weekend day and see how much time I require to pull it off.

I'm feeling vaguely inspired now.
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Date:8:32 31.May.2002 (UTC)

Re: You're making me feel fat & lazy

Go for it! The weather is BEAUTIFUL for riding in the morning! Nice cool breaze, lush green vegitation along the bike trail, ducks and geese and butterflies and birds galore! Flowers are blooming, bees are buzzing, and the joy of early summer surrounds you every step of the way.

Just remember to bring an extra change of clothes for when you get to work.

And while the weather is great in the morning for riding, you'll want a TON of water for the afternoon! The hottest part of the day here in Sac is around 4pm and you'll likely be leaving work and riding home around 5ish, while it is still damn hot.
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