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damn I suck // life - Lograh — LiveJournal

Saturday, 02.Oct.2004

19:05 - damn I suck // life

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finally finished off those photos for tiggrrl's friend. Two and a half weeks! GAH! that's over twice what I was hoping it would take! damn, I really suck. it's a good thing I'm not yet doing this for a living. missing a schedule like that would mean death to the contract. As it stands, I don't expect she'll want to use me again, which is really going to suck because the expierance was good for me and she was a great person to work with. Very efficient with what needed to be done, and fun to talk to during/after the shooting.

just shooting myself in the foot at every opportunity, I am. much suckage, that is.


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Date:21:00 02.Oct.2004 (UTC)
It's called experience.

And, for what it's worth, when it comes to free work, you get what you pay for. If people expect you to drop everything to keep a schedule (that, in all honestly, you should have laid down with caveats) for something you aren't being paid for, well, then they aren't someone you should do free work for.

As someone who does free programming work often, I make it clear that they aren't a major priority, and that I can be flaky when it comes to freebie projects. I try to be honest, because if I'm not going to be compensated with money, then I need to be conpensated some other way -- such as enjoyment of the specific task at hand, word-of-month that might reach to someone who is willing to pay, or whathaveyou.
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