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I'm just impossible to please // whine bitch moan -- er, work - Lograh — LiveJournal

Wednesday, 22.Sep.2004

9:48 - I'm just impossible to please // whine bitch moan -- er, work

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So, my old office (for those new to this adventure, it was a broom closet prior to my occupancy) had no ventalation, and with a few machines on during the summer it would get rather warm.

My new office, due to being an actual real office (with window that looks upon a lovely scenic cement wall), has ventilation! for some reason I haven't fully comprehended, though, the air conditioning seems to be set to 'artic'. My little mini-fridge doesn't even bother trying to keep up, and it's actually *WARMER* in the fridge than the rest of my office (rather, it was untill I decided to just unplug the fridge and keep the door open).

damn, when the job description listed "subject to extreme changes in temperature" I didn't think it meant "when stepping out the office door". the rest of this building is warmer. Sure, all the offices are colder than the halls, but mine seems to be the coldest of the bunch.

Today, I attack the thermostat. it's so fscking cold in here that I can barely feel my fingers (no shit, I just bit one to test and barely felt it -- left nice marks, though) and typing is difficult.

What is really funny about this is that the AC came on (it wasn't allways this aggro) right as the weather started getting *colder* outside. WTF?!?!


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Date:10:30 22.Sep.2004 (UTC)
Hey, I program HVAC equipment for a living so maybe I can help (that is: help you hack your A/C system). Can you find out what brand it is (probably something like Honeywell, Siemens, etc. Should say on the thermostat). Also If you could poke around the maintenance dept. and ask what company does your building's CONTROLS, I can get quite a bit of information for you..
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Date:10:43 22.Sep.2004 (UTC)
The thermostat (at least, I'm guessing this is it) is a beige box on the wall, roughly 2x4x1.5 inches in size, with a shiney silver-esque front and the name "Barber Colman Company" in a logo on the front. The three words are arranged one above the other, with the word Colman distinctly larger, so it could also be seen to read "Colman Barber Company" (though I'm not entirely sure why a barber company would be making thermostats -- perhaps that's why this one is broken, those fuckers should have stuck to singing).

A single screw at the bottom holds the case on, luckilly it wasn't tight at all and I could take it out with my fingers (bitches used a star-screw so my meager phillips wouldn't have been able to get it). Inside we've got a long vertical bar behind some works, two dials at the top with degreeF markings, and a diagnol bar at the bottom attached to the vertical bar. There's a slideable bit on the diagnol bar that goes along some lines with the number 120 at one end and the word "increase" at the other and an arrow pointint from the word towards the 120.

did this narrow down what make/model I'm looking at?

I've fiddled with this a bit, but so far the AC unit seems to be rather happy chruning out snowflakes and is ignoring my efforts to pursuade it otherwise.
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Date:11:10 22.Sep.2004 (UTC)
The Company is Barber-Colman, but these days it is known as Invensys. It is an old serial communication system, which means that newer tools probably won't play well with it, but it also means that it is probably easier to hack.

These systems most likely have a feature enabled that either strictly limits the range of temperatures you are able to set the thermostat at, or completely disables user-control of the thermostat altogether.

The company that installs and maintains that system is Yamas Controls of Sacramento. Their telephone number is (916) 231-8800.
Of course they've already recieved a call mentioning a possible problem with a unit in the tech center (I hope that is right?). The unit is probably functioning fine, but if you can get a guy out there, if you bullshit with him a bit (read: get on his good side), he can probably make siome programmatic adjustments for you.

Of course *I* had NOTHING to do with any of this.. : )
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